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A Spectacular Showcase of Ancient Japanese Arts

performed by today's most celebrated artists

For one night only, in celebration of "REIWA", experience the thunder of the drummers, the grace of the Samurai, the beauty of the kimono and song of the koto, in this most extraordinary concert. Celebrated performance artists from Japan fuse the traditional Japanese arts with the power and energy of today.

   Consulate-General of Japan

 in Sydney

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Performance Artists


Japanese Drum 

Since 1997 Taikoz has developed an international reputation for vibrant performances that couple explosive energy and extreme dynamism with refinement and grace. From the most delicate melodies of the shakuhachi to the thunderous impact of the odaiko, Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic.

Awards include Limelight Best New Composition Award for Kaidan, Sydney Mayer Performing Arts Award in recognition of Taikoz's commitment to Australian music and a Drover Award for regional touring and education. Immerse yourself in a live show of explosive thunder of the Taiko drummers, it promises to be a night to remember!  More detail


Satsuki Odamura

Japanese Zither

Satsuki Odamura is a koto virtuoso, who has pioneered this ancient Japanese instrument in Australia. She works with musicians from other genres, such as jazz and classical music, inspiring composers who have no previous knowledge of the koto or its cultural setting. She has recorded three albums of her own, including collaborations with Australian musicians to produce exciting new sounds and textures for her instrument, the koto. More detail.


Mion with Ichimadin

Okinawa Sanshin & Song

Mion is an award winning Okinawa sanshin player and singer. lives in Okinawa island of Japan. Sanshin is a traditional three-stringed banjo that was introduced in Okinawa in 16th century. Mion has been played Okinawa sanshin since her childhood. Her father is a also professional sanshin player. She will sing Okinawan traditional songs along side with Sanshin instrument.  Be whisked away to a Okinawa island as it is a unique cultural city.


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Ryuou Arai

Samurai Dance 

Arai Ryuou will perform classical Japanese samurai dance and singing (Gin’ei, Ken’bu, and Shibu). Come to see the  ambience formed by the stylistic movements, together with the unique costume/objects used, including “hakama,” a skirt-like pair of pants used to be worn by upper-class people, dancing fan, Japanese sword. More detail.


Oni Kenbai

Oni Kenbai Dance

The Oni Kenbai is a powerful, masculine dance, that has been performed in the city of Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture, in northeastern Japan for around 1,000 years. 

It was originally a way of offering comfort to ancestral spirits. Feel the power of Onikenbai, a Buddhist ritual dance that symbolizes good spirits driving away the bad.

The Japan Spectacular presents for you a highly spirited performance.

Yoshimi Tada



In mastering the art of Ikebana (flower arrangement) Yoshimi is continuing a family tradition. She studied the Sogetsu school of Ikebana, which she now teaches at her own school. Her performance combines an appreciation of nature with spacial awareness, creating a display of art that commemorates the beauty of nature. Her flower arrangements have been exhibited in five-star hotels in Japan and Singapore.


One Night Only


7pm Monday 16th December

Sydney Opera House

Feel the passion, the beat of drums, the beautiful costumes and magical sounds of traditional Japan, in Australia's most famous setting.

In this year's most authentic Japanese culture performance, celebrated artists from Okinawa to Tokyo, and Australia, will evoke the world of ancient Japanese arts.  

Immerse yourself in a live show of song and dance, a unique fusion of Japanese traditional arts and the 21st Century, with beautiful kimonos and tranquil ikebana, the enchanting Koto and explosive thunder of the Taiko Drummers, it promises to be a night to remember. 

Organized by JCS Rainbow Project


The Studio

in the Opera House

Live Event - One Night Only

7pm Monday, 16th December. 2019

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Phone : 02 9250 7777

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